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Our Mission

Radio Saigon Houston: Civic Engagement

In the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, Vietnamese people in search of democracy resettled in different cities throughout the world. United by love for Vietnamese culture and for freedom, the Vietnamese have strong ties to their community as well as a yearning to be involved and active in their new home cities. Political and economical awareness are central to civic and social participation but language barriers can limit a person's involvement in their city.

Radio Saigon Houston broadcasts mainly in the native tongue as well as bilingual programs to overcome these limitations. The station encourages Vietnamese people of all ages to take an active role in American society while retaining the Vietnamese heritage: to marry the best of the East and West.

The Vietnamese Market: Advertisement

Radio Saigon Houston is the key for the general market to access Vietnamese consumers. National and local businesses can tap into this lucrative market while Vietnamese-Americans access goods and service providers who reach out to the Vietnamese community by advertising in their native language.

Historically new members to the Asian American landscape, the Vietnamese have made great strides in the past 35 years in assimilating to the American dream: higher education, home and business ownership, political representation, and financial security. The roots of such drive and prosperity lie in the love of freedom, family, and community.

Vietnamese consumers seek quality and character in goods & services.

Advertisers who tailor their outreach to the Vietnamese sensibility earn not only the Vietnamese's business but also their loyalty.