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About us

In 1998, Mass Media Inc. was created to empower one of the most rapidly growing Asian populations by providing the Vietnamese community with breaking news and the latest current events.

Radio Saigon Houston is currently co-owned by a residential couple, Duong Phuc and Vu Thanh Thuy, and a Board of Directors committed to providing information to Vietnamese people everywhere. The shows have been developed to be specific to the local population and its concerns and issues, but the themes are universal for anyone in the process of assimilating to a different culture.

Radio Saigon Houston has grown to include a full staff and 80 contributing producers. Our goal is to become America's first Vietnamese AM radio system, broadcast in all major cities of Vietnamese communities. Intent on building bridges between the Vietnamese and mainstream American communities, Radio Saigon Houston is producing more bilingual programs and some entirely in English. It is the only full-time, full-service Asian station that caters to Vietnamese listeners in the greater Houston area,